Anti-Kickback Statutes in New York and Tenant or Subtenant Violations

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This is an analysis of federal anti-kickback statutes and what a landlord/owner or tenant Anti-Kickback Statutes in New York and Tenant or Subtenant Violations  by Ian Lifshutzcan do to protect themselves from tenant or subtenant violations.

42 USCA 1320a-7b(b) federal law states that no medical provider shall make a referral in exchange for remuneration of any kind, whether directly or indirectly (including non-monetary compensation). In general, most healthcare providers know:

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Will This Be a Good Market for My Practice?

{3:42 minutes to read} One common concern that comes up at the start of any new office Will This Be a Good Market for My Practice? by Ian Lifshutzis the large amount of cost associated with setting up such an office in an untested market or demographic area where you are currently not providing services. In leasing new space for a new venture, a new location or expanding an existing practice in the medical field, a testing of the market might be in order.

One solution that many practitioners undertake is to find an office sublet from an existing medical practice and spend minimal time at that office (a few hours or a day a week) to see what the market and patient base are like. This can help a provider determine if they want to get into that neighborhood or demographic area.

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Receivable Finance

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When a business desires to raise capital for either expanding the existing business or Receivable Finance | Ian Lifshutzentering into new ventures that require additional revenue, the most common route is financing. However, equity is also an option that should be examined.

As to which is more suitable, that is based on the situation of the business as well as any possible regulatory requirements.

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Various Entities for Asset Protection: What is potentially the best for you?

When structuring and planning any asset protection strategy, one of the more important Assets Word Money Sphere Ball Value Net Worth Wealth by Ian Lifshutzfactors is often how the asset protection entity or multiple entity structure is funded. While the funding of the structure itself is of paramount importance, one of the major factors is to create an asset protection structure that titles assets in a manner that takes the equity away from the person who is of primary risk, and whose assets are to be protected.

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The Importance of Minutes

[Time to Read: 2.5 mins]  As we’ve just ended the year, it is always important to remember to do proper annual minutes for your various business organizations.

The Importance of Minutes By Ian LifshutzMany corporations, limited liability companies, partnerships, and other business entities get tied up in other year-end business and ignore what is often perceived as minutia in the recording of annual minutes and year- end operational meetings. Others just forget to do them. Small businesses are particularly susceptible to ignoring this very important corporate obligation and tool.

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